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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Are you in desperate need of a haircut and are unsure of exactly how to give yourself a haircut at home?

News 5 Colleen Peterson spoke with Patrick Butler, worker at Floyd’s 99 barber shop, about tips on how to cut your hair properly!

The first step is purchasing the right type of scissors for your haircut. The first tip is the difference between using clippers and trimmers. They are two types of scissors that many people get confused with using.

“If you are going to buy clippers make sure you buy hair clippers- not trimmers,” Partick said. “Trimmers are really designed to clean up around the edges maybe around your ears, mustache or beard. A hair clipper is a little more heavy duty and it comes with attachment and thats what you really need if you are going to cut hair.

The second tip is to GO SLOW! There is no rush in a haircut. It is important to take off a little at a time to make sure everything is even.

“We truly encouraging them to go slow,” Patrick explained. “You don’t have to cut everything and you don’t have to go so deep. In other words maybe start with a bout a quarter of an inch to start and work your way in you can always cut more off later.”

The third tip is to try to have others help you with your haircut. It is nice to have a view from the back with them standing behind you. It is definitely more challenging if you have to cut your hair on your own but it is not impossible! Here are a few tips if you are cutting your hair by yourself.

“If you are by yourself here is the key thing you have to get use to working in the mirror,” Patrick said. “When you have to actually have to do something in the mirror physically your actions are slightly reversed. I always recommend to people to try it first but don’t cut anything just try the motion first to get use to it then after that cut slowly.”

There has been many videos circulating around creating your own bangs at home. Patrick has a few tips for those bang lovers as well!

“If they are concerned about bangs or front hairlines definitely drop down and only focus on cutting the ends,” Patrick explained. “Don’t cut right into the middle of the hairline and maybe do a quarter of an inch to a half of an inch at the most.” Patrick explained.


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