MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — New details emerged in court Wednesday in the case of a local teenager allegedly kidnapped from outside a club, prompting the judge to send the case to a Grand Jury.

Morris Linson Jr. is charged with kidnapping and breaking and entering a vehicle in connection with the September incident.

Linson is accused of kidnapping an 18-year-old from Troubadours Country Saloon in West Mobile. Prosecutors say he later dropped her off on University of South Alabama’s campus.

In court Wednesday, a Mobile Police detective testified he’s reviewed surveillance video from both the club and USA. He said in the video from Troubadours an SUV pulls up next to the car the alleged victim was in and then drives off.

The Mobile Police detective testified the teenager was intoxicated and was carried to her friend’s car and placed in the back seat. The detective said an altercation broke out and her friends left her in the car, and when they returned she was no longer there. The detective testified that the video from Troubadors then shows the SUV pull up next to the car.

The detective said the video from USA later shows a person they believe is Linson removing a passenger from the same SUV and placing that person in the bed of a parked truck.

Detectives went to interview Linson at his home in Pensacola the day of the alleged kidnapping. He admitted he had been in Mobile the night before and had been at Troubadours.

Linson’s lawyer argued the teen asked Linson for a ride. The detective said there is a video of the teen about 30 minutes before the alleged kidnapping took place, and she was incoherent. The detective also said the teen did not live on USA’s campus. She is not a student of the university.

The judge ruled there’s enough evidence to send the case to a grand jury.