Update 01/02/2020 — Bond has been set for two suspects in the murder of Tracie Dennis. David Cordero Hernandez received $150,000 bond and electronic monitoring if released. Marcos Oslan received $250,000 bond and electronic monitoring if released.

The Assistant District Attorney of Mobile County confirmed that Cordero owned a contracting business, and Dennis went to get money that was owed to him at a home on Marcus Drive. Oslan is the suspected shooter.

Dennis was shot in the head and shoulder while also being stabbed 7 times. His hands and feet were bound when the police discovered his body.

Cordero Hernandez has lived in Mobile since 2016 and has been previously charged with domestic violence by strangulation, but the victim dropped the charges.

Cordero Hernandez’s defense attorney claims his client was not actively involved in the murder of Dennis and Oslan is the person responsible for the crime.

The arraignment of suspects is scheduled for January 9th.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The two men charged in the death of a missing man have been transferred to Mobile. Marcos Oslan and David Hernandez were booked into Mobile Metro Jail just after 7:00 Tuesday morning.

The two are charged in the murder of Tracie Dennis. Police say Dennis worked for the two men and went to a house to try and get paid for his work. Investigators believe that’s when Dennis was shot and killed, his body was found buried behind a home on Marcus Drive.

Police say Oslan and Hernandez are from Puerto Rico. They were arrested in Jacksonville, Florida. Now that they’ve been transferred to Mobile Metro, they will go through the court process in Alabama.

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