PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — A man suspected of killing a man and shooting his ex-wife is now in custody. Prichard Police held a news conference Thursday with updates on the case.

Maurice Sashington was taken into custody after he was found by federal agents in a Nevada desert. Sashington, who had been on the run since Christmas Eve, was found living out of his car.

Sashington was caught after FBI agents from the Mobile field office contacted their Nevada counterparts. Agents were able to track Sashington down and take him into custody. Sashington will be extradited back to Mobile within a couple of days, according to Detective Jason Hadaway with Prichard Major Crimes Unit.

Sashington is suspected of shooting Quincy Kemp and Shanda Avery. Kemp, who was Avery’s boyfriend, was killed during the shooting. Avery was shot 16 times. She survived, but was in critical condition and still in the hospital three months after the shooting.

“I basically have been in contact with them since this all happened,” said Hadaway. “She has not been home, she’s been in fear for her life.”

WKRG News 5 asked Avery what it meant to her that Sashington was finally in custody. She said, “He can’t hurt nobody else. I can finally get justice for Quincy and myself.”

Shashington was believed to be in Mississippi, Florida and Washington County before he left for Nevada. Investigators believe Shashington left when he learned Prichard Police were tracking his movements.

Detective Hadaway said, “Mister Sashington had eventually learned that I was on his trail. I had been tracking him since Christmas.”

Detectives called Avery and told her Sashington was in custody. Hadaway recalled that Avery was very excited about his capture.

Quincy’s sister, Allura Wheeler said, “He’s just going about his business like he didn’t do anything like he didn’t just murder my brother in cold blood and he just shot this woman like a dog in the street. He shot to kill her like a dog in the street. He stood over her in the street.”

Avery said, “Just want to know why, why would he do something like this.”

Now that Sashington has been arrested, next comes the court case.

Detective Hadaway said, “I’m asking for no bond.” 

Allura Wheeler said, “We want the death penalty.”

After Sashington is extradited, detectives will get a search warrant to check his car for possible evidence. Sashington’s arrest was announced Thursday, May 5, 2022.