MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — New details in the deadly September shooting at the M&M Food Mart in Theodore. Anthony Alston, the suspect in that shooting, faced a judge Monday morning.

A detective testified the two got into a fight at a different gas station the morning of the shooting.

27-year-old Jamarcus Lewis was shot and killed on Sept. 24 inside a vehicle at the M&M Food Mart in Theodore. Prosecutors are laying out their case for what they believe happened.

“It’s just another instance where young people having arguments that end in someone dying, a person was shot in the car, with another passenger in there as well. Narrowly escaping being shot as well. Senseless and the violence is continuous,” said Stuart Lang, with the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office.

According to a detective, a woman was in the front passenger seat of the car and heard Lewis and the suspect, Anthony Alston, arguing before Alston pulled out a gun and shot the weapon.

The detective told the judge a gun with an extended magazine could be seen in Alston’s pants at the M&M Food Mart.

The defense attempted to poke holes in the witness’s identification of Alston who maintains his innocence. According to testimony from the detective, the witnesses saw a photo lineup and thought Alston looked the most like the suspect they saw at the food mart.

“Would you want to go to jail if someone thought it was you,” said Chase Dearman, Alston’s attorney.

The judge denied a motion to revoke Alston’s bond, he remains in jail on a $360,000 bond. The case has been sent to a grand jury.