SEMMES, Ala. (WKRG) — Officials with the Semmes Police Department said they are investigating after multiple students at Mary G. Montgomery High School got sick from eating laced candy.

According to Semmes Police Chief Todd Friend, one student that attends MGM was transported to the hospital but is expected to be ok.

Virginia Guy with the Drug Education Council tells News 5 she’s aware of the situation. She believes the candy had either CBD or THC. She warns one of the biggest dangers is not the long lasting effects of drug laced candy.

“We simply do not know what is in these things,” said Guy. “You know, you could buy a package that has a label that says it has delta nine THC or it has CBD, it may or may not have that in there, it may not may or may not have the levels that it has, and it may have something else, it’s not even on the label.”

The incident has caused some parents to be on high alert such as Tammy Steffen of Semmes. She’s a mother of a senior at Mary G. Montgomery High School, and she believes other outside factors are contributing to this problem.

“I don’t think it’s just school,” said Steffen. “It’s outside the school and events. But yes, very concerned. This is a lot of peer pressure, you know.”

Semmes Police Chief Friend said this investigation is ongoing and Semmes Police will release more information when it is available.

In September 2022, a student at MGM died after a Fentanyl overdose. At the time, Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch said investigators were looking into rumors of Fentanyl-laced vapes going around the high school.