MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Storm weary homeowners prepare for the fifth consecutive week of a severe weather threat. This comes days after more than a dozen tornadoes hit our area.

Less than a week after a storm tore apart this barn in Semmes, there’s more sporadic damage, like a new greenhouse crushed by the wind, an empty planter mangled by mother nature, and some dangling siding.

“In tropical storms, we’ve lost trees left and right but we’ve never had structural damage this and now that I know it’s really possible it’s a wake-up call,” said homeowner Lynn Singleton. We spoke with Lynn Singleton Sunday–for the second time since she became–one of the few homeowners in Semmes to see some damage. She’s just tired.

“I wish I could pack up, but like you said, you don’t know when the storm’s going to turn,” said Singleton. Homeowners affected by the latest round of severe weather say they’re just grateful things weren’t worse.

“We got a significant amount of roof damage, window damage, trees and limbs, and fence damage as well,”

Neal price lives 20 miles south of Semmes in Theodore–he’s one of a cluster of homeowners on Rabbit Creek Drive that had damage to the roofs–and winds punching out privacy fences. Today what was his greenhouse is just a gap on the lawn. Thursday morning it was a mess–inside a mess too with the storm— shattering windows and spreading dangerous glass shards around the home. With another threat on the horizon, he hopes it stays calm this week.