THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) — High winds hit a Theodore neighborhood hard. People were busy cleaning up Sunday following Saturday night’s relentless severe weather threat.

“Opened this front door and the tree tops over there just parted and you could see a funnel not touching the ground, come through I slammed the door got in the hallway with the kids, and in a matter of 30 seconds the ramming and banging and it was gone,” said homeowner Matthew McGilberry. The storm came in quickly, giving them little time to react.

“We didn’t hear nothing then all you hear is a big old whoosh and everyone come running in the hallway and we all sat down, it was gone and we go to look outside and everything is destroyed,” said Peyton Appleby who took cover in his home with his family. A big wet circle is where their above-ground pool used to be, but the wind crushed its walls. This family says the wind also picked up their trampoline, moving it from their backyard to their neighbor’s front yard.

“I was mostly asleep, heard a noise, and then saw my neighbor’s trampoline go into my front yard that’s about it,” said neighbor Joe Torres.