PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — Prichard Police continue searching for the person who shot an 11-year-old girl. As officers continue their investigation, a large sign in Downtown Prichard calls for an end to violence.

Terry Travis said, “You have to see it and hopefully you’re paying attention to it when you see it.”

If you walk, or drive, down Wilson Avenue, you’ll see the sign. Travis is a partner at Flava’s, a bar in Prichard. The business is just a door down from where the sign sits on the front of the building. He said recent violence pushed him to put the sign up in the first place.

Travis said, “Everything resonates with me, but when the young lady lost her life four or five months ago just it was, something’s got to be done because you don’t got to do that.”

Prichard’s recent shooting at an apartment complex left an 11-year-old girl recovering.

“11 years old, that’s a baby, that’s a baby over there fighting for her life, and I hope she’ll be okay,” said Travis.

A spokesperson for the City of Prichard said the girl has non-life-threatening injuries, but Travis says it’s another example of senseless violence. He said, “We were trying to get a message out to the young people that not only are you disrupting somebody else’s family in a traumatic way, you’re changing your life.”

Travis hopes as people drive down this busy, main road that someone sees this sign and it sparks a conversation that changes a life.

“They’re building prisons every day, and you’ve got to have somewhere else to go other than destination prison,” said Travis.

He said the sign will stay up for the foreseeable future.

He said, “It just strikes something inside you to say well I know this little kid, he’s wilding out, I need to talk to him before something like this happens.”