THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile County judge ordered squatters to leave a home that’s been sitting next to Hankins Middle School in Theodore for years. Tuesday, officials tried to enforce that deadline and make it impossible for the squatters to stay.

With school district workers cutting the power, an Alabama Power worker slicing the line, and Mobile Police there to keep the peace, Tuesday was supposed to be the very last day in a trailer home for Barry Yonker and Rodney Lott.

“I realize I have to move, but I’ve been asking the school board for a few more days to move my belongings out,” said Rodney Lott. This marks the end of a very long and unusual legal fight that’s taken the better part of this year. These homes sit opposite a wooded area very close to Hankins Middle School and on school property. Tuesday friends helped tow away possessions on a bike. Lott says he’s tried to be a good neighbor.

“I just live here, I don’t bother anybody,” said Lott. However, a Mobile County judge ruled last week the squatters draw problems in full view of the parents and kids a short distance away. The judge cites incidents of parents and students seeing drunk people near the school, seeing at least one person vomit outside the school during pickup, and seeing a fight that resulted in domestic violence charges.

The judge says the two men in his words “have absolutely no legal right to be present at Hankins and have harmed and continue to harm school children.” You can read his order here. Despite some frank words in the judge’s order, it’s a sentiment not shared by the people here on this property next to the school.

“He’s a good man and doesn’t deserve this, we need someone to help him because he deserves it,” said friend Torri Alexander. A school district official said they’re glad this is coming to a resolution. Court records indicate the school district tried to evict the squatters months ago but that effort failed because they couldn’t be evicted without a lease.