MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Spiders and snakes alone tend to evoke a lot of fear, but imagine how a West Mobile couple felt when they spotted a snake entangled in a spider’s web on their front porch!

Even though Timothy Montalban said it scared his wife to death, she managed to snap this cool photo.

“It was shocking and maybe a little scary to see initially, but once you think about how that spider got a snake in its web, it’s pretty cool,” Montalban said.

Michael Niemeyer with Wildlife Solutions identified the snake as a juvenile Banded Water Snake, which is considered to be harmless.

However, Fred Pierce, owner of Pierce Pest Solutions says the spider is a venomous Brown Widow. “Found often in and around garages on garbage cans, sometimes in kids’ toys that are left in garages or outside,” Pierce said.

“We see a ton of black and brown windows around our home, but never anything like this,” Montalban said.