MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The college football season gets underway and the scouts at Mobile’s Senior Bowl are already on the road to find the players who will be in this year’s game.

The initial watch list came out last week and had 484 players on it, but there will be more players added to the list as the season progresses.

Read the full interview below or watch it in the video above.

Bill: As the college football season gets to start, the Senior Bowl scouts are ready to bring the best of the best to Mobile when the college season ends.

Jesscia: The Senior Bowl watch list came out last week. Scouts will be busy all season long, looking over the players on the list, finding a few surprises, I’m sure, along the way. This morning on the Red Couch, we have the Senior Bowl’s Executive Director Jim Nagy. To talk about all things college football. And it kicks off actually tomorrow night, Thursday night games.

Jim Nagy Executive Director Senior Bowl: It’s coming fast, isn’t it? I can’t believe it Bill, Jessica, thanks for having me on. Yeah. We’re our staff going to be at 13 games between tomorrow night and Monday. So it’s cranked up ready to go.

Bill: What are you looking for exactly? Focused on just the seniors? Are you looking at players that are coming up?

Jim Nagy: Well, in the intro, it said the best of the best in college football, which, you know, last year we had 106 players drafted, which was tied our all-time record from the year before, which was 40% of last year’s draft. And really the best of the best part, we had 45 of the top 100 players here. So that’s what we’re looking for.
But we do include some juniors now. If they graduate before December, they can come. So that’s, that’s really helped our rosters but mostly seniors out of that 484 watch list, those were all seniors.

Jessica: The Senior Bowl says the draft starts here in Mobile. 484 players on your list this year.

Jim Nagy: Yeah, it’s, it’s a big list in Alabama led the way with 11 Auburn was kind of right behind with eight. So we can talk about those players but those schools led it. We have so much talent in the state you know we had four Mobile players in the game last year six Mobile players drafted overall two of those guys being juniors so and we’ve got a number of local guys on this year’s watch list so we worked hard.
We’ve been working on this list since last February. Kind of gave the staff a couple of weeks off after last year’s game and then we got right back at it. So we’re ready to kick it off.

Jessica: And you got a couple of players from the University of South Alabama on the list as.

Jim Nagy: A couple of South Alabama guys. You know, having Jalen Tolbert in the game last year and him going in the third round was a big deal. Daryl Luter is a corner on this year’s team in south Alabama, a big corner, big physical corner. And then Jalen Wayne, who played high school football at Spanish Fort. One of Jalen Tolbert’s buddies
there at wide receiver? So yeah, they could have a good year. I mean, they’ve got a new quarterback, Carter Bradley. I think he’s he’s a younger guy, only a junior transfer from Toledo. But I do think he’s the best quarterback South has had talent-wise. So I expect a big year for Kane Warmack and the Jaguars.

Bill: You get some big high profile players from Alabama, Auburn as well. Quarterbacks particularly Bryce Young coming back.

Jim Nagy: They help sell tickets. You know, I know Jalen having Jalen Hurts in the game a couple of years ago certainly help that. But Bryce Young is a junior. But he is going to graduate, right? Yeah, but he’s going to graduate. So Nick Saban said that at Media Day and SCC media day up in Atlanta and yeah, you can you can bet we’re going to start recruiting Bryce Young up a little bit. I got to get him down here. Absolutely.

Bill: All right. Jim Nagy, our guest from the Senior Bowl. Good luck this year. We appreciate you getting up early with us and coming on.

Jim Nagy: Thanks.