SEMMES, Ala. (WKRG) – The City of Semmes’ Public Safety Department is expanding. It has been a year since Semmes created its own police force, and now it’s preparing to swear in its first officers.

Semmes’ law enforcement needs were previously met by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. Now, the city is establishing its own department from the ground up. 

On Oct. 14, four police officers will suit up and be sworn into the Semmes Police Department. After a lengthy application process and ensuring equipment and police vehicles were in place, the first four officers will begin patrolling the streets on Monday, Oct. 17. 

The addition of the new officers will give them the opportunity to develop personal relationships with locals and businesses, according to Semmes Police Chief Todd Freind. Chief Freind says he’s very proud to be a part of this kind of achievement.

“I’m extremely humbled and blessed to be able to start something like this.. It’s not every day that someone gets to start a police department,” said Chief Freind. “Not many people get to put their name on something like this so it’s almost a surreal moment.”

The Assistant Chief of Police, Jeff Eiland, told us what his expectations are for the department’s first officers.

“Community interaction would be number 1, we want the guys to get out and get involved with the community,” said Eiland. “We also want to be involved with the schools…we want the guys to get out and ride around the schools, get inside the school and be seen.”

They are looking to hire a total of 16 officers, four per month, by January as a part of their agreement with the sheriff’s office.

“It means a lot that we’re not coming in and having to take over somebody else’s situation, everything is brand new and we’re looking forward to getting started,” said Eiland.