SEMMES, Ala. (WKRG) — Semmes residents are worried about the long-lasting effects of overflowing sewage near Semmes Elementary. They say it’s been an ongoing issue for years.

Semmes resident Larry Godfrey took his concerns about the overflowing sewage to the Mobile County Commission during their meeting Monday morning, showing them pictures of what the overflow looked like earlier this month.

“I can’t believe that people see this or smell it,” Larry said after the meeting. “You don’t do anything about it. That was my post. That was my statement about this is what our children in elementary school was going to see, and they think this is normal.”

The overflow was caused by a broken pump that doesn’t allow water to properly drain.

A pump truck sat in front of Semmes Elementary School Monday evening to stop the overflowing of sewage as a temporary fix as the school system works to repair the problem.

The overflow is something that Larry and his wife Janice said they’ve raised the issue on for years.

“I was walking in that area when I was passing by, smelled the sewer, and that’s when I went home and tell Larry about it,” Janice said.

“We smelled of terrible sewage smell, and we didn’t know where it was coming from,” Larry said.

A spokesperson with the Mobile County Public Schools System said they were notified of the issue last week.

They also said the school system ordered parts to repair the broken pump, but until those parts arrive, a pump truck will remain at Semmes Elementary to keep the sewage from overflowing.

The Godfreys are happy that the school system is taking action, but their biggest concern is for the students.

“It’s atrocious to me because this is our children. This is around our children constantly,” Janice said.

MCPSS said they are not sure how soon the repairs will be made.