MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A second student took the stand on day five of the trial against a former soccer star accused of raping a fellow student. The student testified that she too was sexually assaulted by the defendant, Vassil Kokali.

Audrey Cox, the victim in this criminal case, originally brought forth the allegations against Kokali in March of 2021. Typically in rape cases, we don’t normally identify the victim, but Cox has spoken out with WKRG before about the allegations.

On day five of the trial, the state called one of their last witnesses to the stand. The woman alleges that she was sexually assaulted by Kokali five months prior to Cox.

The witness, who we are not identifying by name or showing her photo, said she was a soccer player on the women’s soccer team at Spring Hill College when the incident happened in October 2020.

The woman said she woke up one morning to Kokali in her bed after the pair had hung out and smoked marijuana the night prior. She said she had no pants or underwear and testified Kokali was putting his clothes back on.

She testified she asked Kokali if the two had sexual intercourse and she said he confirmed the two hooked up. On the stand, the witness testified the encounter was rape but didn’t come forward with the allegations until the alleged incident involving Cox and Kokali nearly five months later.

During cross-examination, the defense questioned her credibility and asked why she only came forward after Audrey did. The witness who testified said she never filed a police report, didn’t get a rape kit done and filed an incident report with Spring Hill College when Cox did in March 2021.

This witness also testified she had gone out with Cox that night in March 2021 when Cox said she was sexually assaulted.

The witness testified she saw Kokali at the Piano Bar but didn’t see Cox and Kokali together at Saddle Up, which was the last bar they went to that night. The witness also said she had dropped Cox at her apartment the night of the alleged incident.

She said Cox then told her the next morning she had been raped. During cross-examination, Kokali’s attorney, Megan Doggett, showed a plethora of photos and grilled the witness about why she didn’t come forward with the allegations sooner.

Doggett also showed a picture of a note the witness wrote Kokali after the alleged sexual assault and also questioned her about texts she sent other Spring Hill College soccer players asking them to smoke pot and have sex with her.

The second witness that was called to the stand on day five of the trial was a nurse at University Hospital who did the rape kit on Cox almost two days after the alleged sexual assault.

The nurse testified she didn’t see any super noticeable injuries but said there was abnormal bruising that indicated Cox was likely sexually assaulted. It’s important to note a blood test or drug test was not conducted as a part of this kit so there is no way of knowing if Cox was drugged or had taken any sort of illegal substances on the night in question.

The nurse also testified that she is not impartial, and they are trained to be empathetic and believe victims. A forensic scientist is expected to be one of the state’s last witnesses and take the stand on Tuesday.

The defense will then start calling their witnesses to the stand. The trial will resume at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.