MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Hundreds of people observed 9-11 in their own way Sunday. In Mobile, a group of rescue workers and their beloved K-9s put in a sort of legwork to honor those lost in the terror attacks 21 years ago. Making their way up and down this fire rescue drill tower were four members of Alabama Task Force-1 most followed by their intrepid search and rescue dogs.

“We have the ability to do it, it’s good to remember as sad as it was it’s good to not forget, never forget,” said K-9 Handler Rachel Leard. Each trek up the metal building equaled a six-story climb. After coming down, they each ticked off one tally until they reached the equivalent of the height of the World Trade Center.

“This is a way that my K-9 and I can come together and remember what happened on that day if that means sweat and tears and some muscle pain then that’s the least we can do to show our gratitude,” said K-9 Handler Brian Lilienthal. Each trip up and down the tower is a reminder of what others went through 21 years ago.

“Just to honor everyone who was there, everyone who was carrying the memories all the way back that’s a big deal in our industry we have handlers all across the country that are still carrying the weight of 9-11,” said K-9 Coordinator Jennifer Arballo. The American Kennel Club said about 300 dog and handler teams responded to the search and rescue efforts after the World Trade Center towers fell.