SARALAND, Ala. (WKRG) — One Saraland man always paid his bills through the mail, until he became a victim of check fraud.

Al Brown has lived at his Saraland for over ten years.

“It started with getting a call from Regions bank in Jacksonville, Fla. and they had asked me if I wrote
a check to someone for driveway work for over $1,700 and I told them I had not,” said Brown. “Someone had been to the bank trying to cash a check.”

Brown’s quickly realized several of his bank accounts were breached.

The Saraland resident found that his checks were not only being cashed in Florida but in Georgia as well.

“I realized a few weeks later that someone must have gone into my mailbox because they had
my signatures correct,” said Brown. “The check numbers they wrote were obviously checks that were printed, they weren’t my checks but they had the correct information on them.”

Brown said in a matter of days, over $6,300 worth of checks were written out.

The Saraland Police Department could not help Brown, because they said the crime was not necessarily committed within city limits.

“They said they couldn’t do anything but they would patrol more in our area to keep an eye on it but that’s all that they were able to do,” said Brown. “Now I have filed a police report in Henry County in Georgia and I’m waiting on that report now.”

Fortunately Brown has been able to get most of his money back. Brown wants those in the area to remain cautious so they don’t become the next victim of fraud.

“I just really feel for those that would really wipe them out and they couldn’t buy gas or food or pay power bills. It could really disturb someone’s life,” said Brown. “So I just caution people to be aware of someone going in their mailbox. And you may want to do what we’re doing now and go straight to the post office.”

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