MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Police continue to investigate a shooting that happened at Paparazzi Lounge Mob off Dauphin Street Saturday morning. Mobile Chief of Police Paul Prine was able to confirm one of the victims was shot in the neck, leaving her in critical condition.

News 5 contacted the alleged mother of the shooting victim and according to the mother, her daughter has “extensive injuries and has a long road to recovery.”

Prine was also able to confirm that shots were fired from inside the club.

Despite the shooting at Paparazzi and another where someone was shot in the foot at Lit Cigar Lounge on Nov. 12, some Mobile County residents believe they are safe in Downtown Mobile, while others have more of a concern.

One Saraland resident said he used to come down here, but the crime makes it not worthwhile anymore.

“What I think that needs to happen is just cops need to crack down on it [crime] and all the security at every single one of these bars need to crack down on it,” said Wesley Johnson. “They need to thoroughly do like a whole body check of them to make sure they’re not carrying any guns.”

Other residents believe safety in Downtown Mobile is fine.

“I feel pretty safe in Mobile,” said Mobile resident Andrea Orton. “I feel like the police are doing their job. They’re doing a great job. I would say just don’t be out late and be in places where you don’t need to be.”

News 5 spoke with businesses and people downtown who said they are never out that late in Downtown Mobile, so they feel safe.

Chief of Police Paul Prine said it is completely safe in downtown Mobile.

“I can tell you, without fear of contradiction, that it is safe to go downtown,” said Prine. “This incident at Paparazzi, certainly the incident two weeks ago at Club Lit. These are all those that have extenuating circumstances involved. And for the most part, you know, once we identify the perpetrators involved, we usually find out there’s usually more of a deeper issue there involving either a conflict of some sort. Either it’s over a girlfriend or other issues that’s involved. But it is safe to go downtown.”

Prine said Mobile Police are still on the lookout for suspects.

“Everybody always says ‘what’s the police department going to do?'” said Prine. “We’re going to continue doing what we’ve been doing, having our force downtown. I think we’ve been very successful at doing that. Unfortunately, these incidents are going to happen, but that’s where it’s important for the community to be partnered with us.”

Prine encourages anyone who knows anything about the shooting, to please call Mobile Police.

The Paparazzi Lounge released a statement on Facebook Monday afternoon in which they said, among other things, “we are deeply saddened by the incident that transpired this past Saturday morning.”