Rouse’s Market introduces 4 new King Cakes, including moon pie

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mardi Gras is just around the corner and Rouse’s Market is featuring four exciting new flavors! The four new flavors are Chocolate moon pie, banana moon pie, unicorn and Reese’s.

News 5 Colleen Peterson was able to get a taste of these fun new flavors and spoke with Rouse’s regional manager, Kennith Jones, about the details.

He explained, “We have 4 new king cakes this year especially for the Mobile area supporting the moon pie. It’s fluffy, just like a moon pie, and it’s got the flavors bursting all over the place.”

They are happy to support the Reese’s bowl in releasing the Reese’s king cake this season. It is stuffed with peanut butter and chocolate and is out of this world.

The unicorn king cake is stuffed with marshmallow fluff and topped with unicorn sprinkles. The chocolate moon pie is stuffed with fluff and has a chocolate glaze on top. The banana moon pie king cake is stuffed with banana filling and fluff and topped with a glaze.


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