MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The McGregor Avenue renovation finishing up early came as a treat to many who live or own businesses in the area, but many people are still hoping to see more speed deterrents in the area.

“I think the traffic was kind of a little faster than it needed to be at times, and that made it unsafe,” Carol Reeves, who owns a business on McGregor Avenue, said. “You can’t have this kind of improvement and not have some pain.”

The renovations closed McGregor Avenue from Springhill Avenue to Old Shell Road since the beginning of the year. Reeves said her business slightly dipped because of the road closure.

“Usually when we get our pumpkins in, people just flock in, but it was hard to get here, so not so much,” Reeves said.

Now that the road has reopened, Reeves said that the new roundabout, curbs, medians and sidewalks have given drivers a reason to slow down.

Just across from her shop is York Place, a street that bears a quiet neighborhood with young families and pets. The road was one of two detour routes that took people around the McGregor Avenue renovations.

“The impact, I haven’t seen a huge impact other than that we’ve had a lot more traffic in here because of the two streets; the only two streets that were open,” York Place resident Pete Peterson said. “All in all, I think it’s a huge improvement for the city, and I’m glad to see it, and we’re back to normal.”

The Village of Spring Hill funded the $1.5 million project with through the county’s Pay-As-You-Go Program.

“Future plans include expanding these infrastructure improvements on North McGregor Avenue all the way to Springhill Avenue,” the organization said in a statement.