TILLMAN’S CORNER, Ala. (WKRG) — This is not what people mean when they say “carpool.”

Racecar driver Cameron Leytham was driving his pickup truck with his number eight racecar strapped to a trailer to the Snowball Derby in Pensacola Wednesday evening.

Leytham said he was getting on Highway 90 ready to merge to I-10 Eastbound towards Pensacola. That is, until his racecar broke loose from its straps and found itself taking a dive into the swimming pool at the Red Roof Inn in Tillman’s Corner.

Thankfully, no one was in the car or the pool when the car ended up in the water.

Leytham’s trip to Pensacola took a slight detour, but that was not going to let this stop him from getting to the derby.

“We were real bummed, but once we got it out, we decided we were gonna make the race and worked all night,” said Leytham.

He called his friends and brought the car back to a garage, where they worked on the car all night to get it back up and running.

His best friend Logan Ferguson says he tried to warn him to use stronger straps.

“Cameron’s an idiot,” said Ferguson. “I told him those straps wouldn’t work, but he wouldn’t listen.”

“We basically had to drain all the new fluid he put in there out,” said Shawn Ferguson, a friend of Leytham. “Then we flushed it out, and we use diesel and cleaned it out. We changed spark plugs and changed the fluids in the transmission. Everything.”

However, the real help was Joseph Smith who said he’s there to clean tools and keep everything a float.

“When they get thirsty, I get them drinks,” said Smith. “I keep them on top of things. If I wasn’t here, they wouldn’t be able to get all the stuff done.”

News 5 obtained surveillance video from Red Roof Inn of the exact moment when the car landed into their pool. One worker there said Leytham came into the hotel alerting them of what happened. She said she couldn’t believe it until she saw it with her own eyes.

Fortuantely for Cameron and his friends, they got the car up and running. They made to Pensacola in time for their race.

Workers at Red Roof Inn tell News 5 they have filed insurance claims to get the damages repaired, but the repairs will not take place until a month or two.