MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The push for peace gets another push in downtown Mobile this week. A non-profit group is hosting its annual “Push For Peace” to try and help curb violence in Mobile. “Push for Peace” was co-founded by husband and wife Dannie and Danielle Pledger.

Cathedral Square is mostly quiet this weekend, in two weeks the place will be busy for the annual Push for Peace, a community event to promote something that is sometimes hard to find.

“Violence is not the answer you don’t get away with crime it always comes back to hurt you but it hurts the community number one, it hurts families, hurts individuals there’s no reason for these types of actions to take place,” said co-founder Dannie Pledger.

Organizers argue, that with enough patience and awareness a lot of the violence in the city could be prevented.

A lot of times it’s over trivial matters and trivial issues that don’t even mean much, young people get guns and think that’s the way to handle or they run to gangs and we want to show we can love and understand and overcome problems through love and communication.

Dannie Pledger, co-founder of Push for Peace

In addition to getting young people and community leaders together, it’s also a chance to find simple ways in your own life to promote peace–a pledge to be more mindful of one’s actions.

Some people wonder what they can do, but you have people right around you that you have the greatest influence on and it starts in your home, maybe at work or in your church or community.

Dannie Pledger, co-founder of Push for Peace

The event started about a decade ago as a way to find mutual respect and consideration. In 2020 they changed to a drive-thru format due to COVID concerns.

For more information, you can follow them on Facebook. Push for Peace 2022 will be in Cathedral Square on July 16th starting at 8 am.