MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Prosecutors rested their case on Tuesday in the trial for the former Spring Hill College soccer star accused of rape. The state rested on the sixth day of the trial, after calling about 10 witnesses to the stand.

On the final day of witness testimony called by the state, a forensic scientist, lead detective who works for Spring Hill College police and a sergeant with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office testified about their involvement in the case.

The forensic scientist went into detail about the forensic evidence she analyzed including the victim’s underwear, swimsuit bottoms, a bed sheet, an oral swab and an extension cord.

None of those items revealed any foreign DNA, but an oral swab that was done on the victim as a part of a rape kit showed the presence of male DNA. According to testimony, there was not enough to determine whose it belonged to.

Additionally, an extension cord from the victim’s dorm room was tested for blood that was directly linked to the defendant Vassil Kokali. This put him at the scene of where this alleged incident took place according to testimony.

In addition to the scientist, the lead detective who works for Spring Hill police testified about the timeline of events, what witnesses he interviewed and how he came to the determination to pursue this case as a major crime.

The last witness that testified on Tuesday was a sergeant with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. She talked about phone records she obtained and text messages that were sent between Kokali and several friends after the incident that she said revealed his mindset after the encounter.

The defense will begin calling their witnesses to the stand starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.