UPDATE: 10:15 AM: We’re learning more about the death of a four-year-old boy in Mobile. King Lyons was found dead in a home last month. His legal guardian Yolanda Coale was in court for a preliminary hearing where we learned more about what investigators say happened.

A Mobile Police detective testified in court describing some of the terrible abuse others say they witnessed in Yolanda Coale’s home. Coale remained silent as she walked out of court this morning. A judge said there was enough probable cause to send the case to the grand jury.

The detective testified King Lyons was dead when they arrived at the Jacob Drive home the morning of February 3rd and said there were signs of recent and past physical trauma. He said Yolanda Coale told police it started hours earlier at about midnight. She heard a fight between King Lyons and his 9-year-old sister and saw her hit the child with a broom. The handle broke in half during the assault. The 9-year-old told police the broom snapped against the wall. The sister was charged with assault and later said she did not hit or injure her brother when she was later in psychiatric care.

The detective said they saw Lyons had bruising and cuts all over his body including old scars on his back. In what may show the difficulty in prosecuting this case, most of the information in this preliminary hearing was coming from children under the age of ten. Only one potential witness referenced was an adult.

Two neighbor children who talked to police said they saw a number of times where Coale would hit Lyons with open-handed strikes and their mother stopped letting them come over after she heard of the abuse. One child also told police they saw Coale strip the child naked and hit him with a diamond-studded belt. They also claimed one time Coale denied the child water due to potty accidents and when she saw him drink from the toilet she allegedly laughed and said “that’s what he gets.”

One child is said to have seen Coale use things like a back scratcher, broom, and electrical cord for beatings. Testimony also revealed the existence of a so-called “lock-up room” in Coale’s house where children were put when they misbehaved and locked in using a heavy suitcase in front of the door.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — 53-year-old Yolanda Coale is expected in court Monday for a preliminary hearing. She’s charged with aggravated child abuse in the death of 4-year-old King Lyons.

First responders were called to a home at Jacob Drive for a medical emergency in early February. Lyons was found unresponsive and pronounced dead on scene, according to Mobile Police.

Lyons’ 9-year-old sister was later charged with assault after she allegedly beat Lyons with a broomstick, according to court documents. Lyons also had injuries that indicated long-term abuse, according to court documents.

What’s not clear is what exactly Coale is accused of doing or not doing that may have contributed to the death of the young boy. The state may explain more about what they say happened through court testimony Monday.