PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — After realizing pipes and the infrastructure in Alabama Village were in bad shape, the Prichard Water Board held a special called meeting Tuesday afternoon to vote on a moratorium to prohibit new customers from getting water service.

Tensions were high between board members because not all of them were aware of how much water they were losing each month causing customers to become frustrated.

“We are losing water,” said Carletta Davis, a PWWSB customer. “All of these things are going on under the watch of this board. So they clearly have exemplified incompetency.”

The Alabama Department of Environment Management released their report on the water last month. The report details the amount of issues found within PWWSB’s plumbing. The report says the issues cost the board $2.7 million in a year.

“That ADEM report found things that needed attention five, ten miles away from the Alabama village community, lack of chlorine all over the city,” said Prichard Water Board Member John Johnson. “You know, water tanks not being at the level that they should be. So it’s it’s a gathering, a collaboration of several issues here across the city that was never shared with the entire five member board.”

“Y’all did not deliver anything to us saying that we are losing that much water over there,” exclaimed Board member Cherry Doyle during the meeting.

The board put the moratorium in place because they do not have the money to fix the pipes and infrastructure. Current customers won’t be affected by the moratorium.