PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — We’re learning new information about an October murder in Prichard. An investigator testified in court Monday that the victim, Joe Johnson, was first shot and then run over by a car.

Anthony McCall is accused of killing Johnson. In McCall’s preliminary hearing a detective testified McCall and Johnson were at the Stadium Bar in Mobile on the evening of Oct. 9. They claim McCall was heard on a phone saying he’d “settle a score.” The detective also testified that later that night into the early hours of Oct. 10 Johnson traveled to a club in Prichard. McCall was a passenger in a car that parked next to Johnson’s vehicle. When Johnson came back to his car the state says McCall got out and shot Johnson. Johnson then tried to run away, was shot at again by someone else, and then run over by the car.

The detective testified that the shooting was captured on surveillance video and they believe McCall was seen in the video firing the shots. McCall’s defense lawyer argued the security video does show all angles of the car, that there’s no forensic evidence linking McCall to the crime and no witnesses either. A judge found probable cause to send the case to the grand jury.

Last month, someone shot at Anthony McCall’s home in a shooting that injured two children. That incident was not mentioned in Monday’s hearing.