26-year-old Raven Yates was arrested by Mobile Police Thursday for attacking a repo driver who came to get her vehicle, according to MPD. 

She had quite a bit to say as she made her way from Mobile Police Headquarters to Mobile Metro Jail Tuesday. 

Police say the incident happened on March 4th when Yates and another suspect, Keith Hall, were at home when a repo driver came to repossess their car. That’s when police say Yates attacked the repo driver with a box cutter, then went after him with a rubber mallet and fire extinguisher. 

As she was being transported to jail, Yates denied involvement. “I’m innocent. I never had a record. I’m a licensed insurance adjuster and I own a tax company. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a woman of statute and prestige.” 

Yates was arrested in Texas following a traffic stop where law enforcement saw she had active warrants in Mobile, MPD says. She was brought back into MPD custody. 

Police say Keith Hall has yet to be arrested.

Yates will be charged with robbery first degree (two counts), assault second degree (two counts) and unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle.