MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — “It’s hot outside!” said 4-year-old Quinton Mason. He loves the playground, but he is not a fan of the heat.

A week of record-breaking heat means kids at camp are spending more time indoors than outdoors. “Like today, we were supposed to go swimming, but because of the fact it’s hot we weren’t allowed to go,” said Kendall Moore, a counselor at James Seals Jr. Park in Mobile.

“And when I told them they said well let’s go to the splash pads instead,” said Moore. “I was like no you still can’t go to the splash pad because it’s still hot out here.”

Summertime spent indoors is not ideal, but sometimes they can squeeze in some sunshine if the right precautions are taken.

“You know I check the slide to make sure the slide not really hot before they slide down check all the metal you know and if it is you know they said to just take a water bottle and just pour it down and cool it down a little bit,” said Moore.

While most parks are abandoned during the heat of the day, there are signs you should look for if your kid is experiencing heat exhaustion.

“If they are complaining of a headache or notice that their color is starting to change that definitely calls for an emergency and just give us a call. We hope you don’t need us we hope you are taking good care of yourself,” said Steven Millhouse with Mobile Fire-Rescue.

This heat is not expected to go anywhere with temperatures reaching into the upper-90’s and even touching over 100 degrees over the next several days, so it is important now than ever to keep a careful eye on your children when outdoors.