Plan to reduce police/fire coverage to Mobile city limits introduced today

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UPDATE: Members of the city council are referring the ordinance on limiting police/fire protection to an ad hoc committee. Its first meeting is slated for January 14th at 2 pm. They’ve asked officials from the mayor’s office and county for data on costs of fire/police protection versus revenue from the county from licenses and other measures. They want to determine what funding disparity exists for the protection services provided by the city versus the revenue provided by those areas of Mobile County. Mobile County Commissioners Jerry Carl and Connie Hudson both spoke during the council meeting. They worry the proposal is short-sighted and doesn’t meet Mobile’s long-term growth plans.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Members of the Mobile City Council sit down for their first meeting this morning since a proposal to limit police and fire services to Mobile City limits. Currently, some city services extend into the county.

Councilman Joel Daves is introducing the measure this morning. He says it could potentially save the city millions of dollars.

Daves sent a news release about the proposed ordinance last week. He says it’s a third option between doing nothing and annexing more areas into the city. A vote to annex more of Mobile County into the city failed to gain a super-majority of council members needed to pass last month.

In a news release, Daves said “The citizens of Mobile are currently providing over $20 million in unreimbursed public safety services every year to residents of the county who are not residents of the City of Mobile and do not pay all of the taxes residents of Mobile pay. It is time for these resources to be devoted to the people who are paying for them.” The ordinance, if passed, would kick in two years down the road. This could allow services in the county to adjust to the change.

It is unlikely the Mobile City Council will take any action on this item this morning. Items introduced for the first time are usually held over for at least one week.


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