MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Some parents are concerned after shots rang out at Sage Park while children were playing. 

The shots were fired near the soccer fields, where kids were playing. Parents say they’re terrified that it happened so close to crowds of people.

“I was actually really proud of my youngest. She went into protection mode,” said one Satsuma High School soccer player’s mom.

Friday night was supposed to be full of friendly competition. 

“It sounded like fireworks. There were about 15 shots fired in total,” said the mom, she didn’t want her name used. 

It quickly took a turn when shots echoed across the soccer fields. 

“I thought who’s messing with fireworks at this time and then you just see people start running,” said the mom. 

News 5 found what appeared to be a bullet casing near the basketball court. Mobile Police say several shots were fired from men in their cars just before 6:30 Friday night. 

The Satsuma player’s mom says she doesn’t want to bring her children back to Sage Park. “It was pretty traumatizing, my girls are young, and they’ve never been through anything like that before. And I just don’t have the heart to make them go back,” she said.

Others say they were shocked, but they’re not letting it deter them from using the park.

“Honestly, no. Because stuff like that doesn’t happen around here often. Especially around the area we are in right now. We’re in a pretty good area of town, so the fact that that happened, it was like a one-time kind of deal,” said Jereme Jones, who coaches some kids at Sage Park.

Some parents say they’re not willing to take any chances.

“You know I don’t want to make them relive it, it was terrifying for them. And I don’t feel like it’s in their best interest to re-live it again, or even be scared that it could happen again,” said the Satsuma mother.

Mobile police say that no one was hurt, and they are still actively investigating.