IRVINGTON, Ala. (WKRG) — An Alabama woman whose horse was raped wants the accused man to get help. 

Francine Janes is a former mental health professional who worked in the field for more than 30 years.  She says, “You cannot rehabilitate anyone that needs medication for their disorder and counseling. Those types of things are not conducive in a jail.”

Daniel Bennet is accused of breaking in Janes’ barn and molesting her horse in 2018. Bennet was not given bond on February 7th, while he awaits a February 28th hearing. He’s pled not guilty to attempted burglary.  

However, Janes says despite what happened to her horse, she’s not angry at Bennet. She wants him and all those who may be suffering from mental illness to get help. She says rehabilitation offered in jail or prison does not equate to proper mental health treatment.

“That is for an individual who has committed a crime intentionally, there’s a lot of mentally ill people that have committed crimes not because they wanted too or intentionally did it.  They don’t know any better.”

So why are individuals who suffer from mental illness sent to jail?  News 5 investigated on February 10th after the Grammy’s.  We take a look at the lack of state-run mental health institutions and the impact it’s having on the Criminal Justice System.