MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, people were celebrating addiction recovery with a special event in Mobile. A cannon blast starts the walk–Walkers made their way through downtown Mobile–westward on Government Street with a police escort–each step is part of this group’s story of facing addiction with family or loved ones. This is a five-kilometer walk through Mobile to raise awareness for the issues related to addiction and to tell people there is life without falling into addiction.

“Each and every one of us who are clean and sober, we’re miracles and for people that are dealing with addiction it’s hard to see hope and we desperately want to show you can have fun being clean and sober and still ride motorcycles,” said Susan Ankrom with the Association of Recovering Motorcyclists. Organizers say one of the missions of this walk is to remove the shame and stigma associated with addiction.

“Sometimes people think there’s something wrong with me morally that I’m doing these things to hurt myself, the community, harmful to my family and there’s something wrong with me and they don’t realize addiction is a brain disease,” said Mobile County Health Department Peer Recovery Specialist John Richardson.