MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A group of mothers is calling for an end to the violence in Mobile after recent reports of shootings, stabbings and robberies.

These mothers have created an organization and decided to use Mother’s Day as a launch to bring attention to the problem they are trying to tackle.

The organization is called WOMB, and it stands for Women Overcoming Many Barriers.

Although this event was filled with food, drinks, and live entertainment… organizers used this opportunity to address their issues, and how they plan to resolve them.

Patricia Law is one of the organizers of WOMB and speaks on behalf of the group stating they are fed up with the crime that is happening in her local community.

“When I see young people laying in their caskets I have a problem with that,” said Law. “So whatever is deriving at all of these issues, that’s drumming this up, we want to get to the hardcore issues.”

Law says the overall goal of WOMB is to combat the violence and crime happening right here in Mobile.

“We are devastated by the alarming rate of crime that’s taking place with our youth,” said Law. “And also, as it is combined with mass incarceration… we’ve got to do a lot of things collectively to clean up our community, and we’re the “sheroes” that are ready to go for it.”

Women at WOMB’s first event including Sylvia Kelly and Vickii Howell say they support the movement.

“Everything you do makes an impact,” said Kelly. “You keep making an impact and eventually bang, you got it.”

“The crime and those types of things are ramped in our community but there’s a reason for it,” says Howell. Our goal is to make sure that we find out what the reasons are. As women, we carry life inside of us, and we want to bring that life back to the community because something is obviously missing.”

WOMB’s debut event was invite-only, however, organizers say there will be more events in the near future.