ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon addressed parents during a community meeting Wednesday night to discuss their concerns about the status of the city’s schools.

A new middle and high was supposed to open fall of 2019, but construction hit a snag, and that project got pushed back.

Currently, Orange Beach students go to elementary school in Orange Beach but then attend Gulf Shores for middle and high school. However, with Gulf Shores breaking away from the Baldwin County School system, there’s some uncertainty regarding what will happen next school year.

While the new school remains under construction, rising 7th-9th graders will attend a portable campus in Orange Beach next year, rather than going to class in Gulf Shores. The city is still waiting on a decision from the state superintendent regarding whether or not rising 10th graders will be on the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach campus.

At Wednesday’s meeting, parents brought up concerns about quality of staff, athletics and safety, among others.

One mom of a current 9th grade student and varsity athlete said it would be hard for her to see her son have to leave his team.

Other parents were concerned about how competitive the new athletic program could be in general.

Orange Beach officials are currently at a bit of a standstill while they wait for things to be finalized on the Gulf Shores end of things. That should take place later this month, and Orange Beach will have more answers once that rolls out.

News 5 has a reporter at that meeting and will have more details when it commences.