MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — More details have been released about the arrest of one of Mobile’s most wanted, including how a glock was modified to function as a machine gun. 

Trenteon King was arrested Friday, April 29 after an off-duty Chickasaw police officer spotted him walking out with stolen items at Walmart off Rangeline Road. King was detained by the officer who found King with a firearm.

An Alchohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives agent determined that King possessed an unregistered firearm, a machine gun made from a modified Glock.

The 9mm was modified with a “machinegun-conversion device,” also known as a Glock Chip. A Glock Chip makes the semiautomatic pistol work more like a machine gun.

The chip is a “leg” that holds the trigger bar down when the gun fires, making it easy to fire much faster when the trigger is pulled once. Investigators tested the gun, which was able to empty an entire magazine without reloading.

Investigators also ran the serial number, which showed the gun was not registered to King. King’s arrest is just one of many. In 2016, King was charged with murder, but the case was dismissed on a technicality.

While awaiting his trial, King was arrested in 2020 for armed robbery and allegedly shooting at a car, hitting one person in the leg. King was out on bond for robbery, assault and shooting into a home or car when he was suspected of shooting two people at a Food Mart in Theodore March of 2022.