As the investigation continues in the Ladd Stadium shooting, many questions continue to arise- including who is the blame for the suspects being able to enter the stadium with a weapon.

The Mobile Police Department, The Mobile County Public School System, and the Ladd Stadium Board all play a part in the operation of the stadium when it comes to high schools using the facility.

Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine held a press conference today- addressing new information and answering questions regarding last Friday’s shooting at Ladd-Pebbles stadium.

Prine says MPD is only responsible to serve and protect those in attendance.

“As a part of security you have the mobile police department and we’re there to prevent, or intervene in criminal activity,” Prine said.

Prine says any questions pertaining to security should be directed to the Mobile County School System.

“There’s another faction of that security plan that involves the Mobile County School Board,” Prine said. “I would infer any questions to their protocols to the school board at this times to whether or not the protocols were followed, they would be best to be able to answer that question.”

WKRG NEWS 5 reached out to MCPSS for a response, asking nine questions about safety measures at Ladd-Pebbles, including if their 18 part protocol was followed.

We didn’t get any answers only this statement …it reads in part

“Mobile County Public Schools is investigating all of the details of Friday’s incident and will make whatever changes are necessary to our security plan as we go forward.”

The school systems list of protocols includes:

  1. walk- through metal detectors will be used at entrances.
  2. metal decector wands will also be used at gates.
  3. no one is allowed through gate without a proper security check.

As the investigation continues it is still unknown whether this protocol was followed Friday night, however, MCPSS says it does more than what Ladd-Peebles stadium provides:

“… by furnishing metal detectors, school resource officers, and additional security guards, making our safety measures for high school sporting events the region’s most thorough.”

In an email from a board member with Ladd Stadium, it states that the Mobile County School System is responsible for the setting up, and taking down of metal detectors. It then goes on to say Ladd is only the venue, and the school system is in charge of security measures.

For now, Prine says they’re working to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“With any significant incident, we’re going to go behind it… in trying to find the best way going forward so we don’t have another mishap,” said Prine.