MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Trenteon King was on the run for a little more than a month before he was arrested Friday. In court Thursday, during his arraignment, prosecutors told the judge he’s extremely dangerous.

“Everything he’s ever been arrested for involved the use or possession of a firearm,” said Lars Granade, the Assistant District Attorney with the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office.

Trenteon King is accused of being involved in two shootings, one in September of 2021 and one in March 2022. The District Attorney’s office said both shootings were caught on camera.

King was out on bond for an armed robbery and shooting into an occupied vehicle at the time. “Multiple people have been shot or shot at. He could not be more dangerous than anybody else walking around in Mobile County right now,” said Granade.

King is accused of shooting two people at the M&M food mart on March 10. King was taken into custody on Friday. Mobile police said he was caught allegedly shoplifting at the Walmart on Rangeline Road. An off-duty Chickasaw police officer took him into custody. When he was arrested, King was armed.

On Friday, as he was escorted to jail, King taunted law enforcement. King said to cameras that night, “Y’all don’t scare me. It took y’all three to four houses to catch me? B**** I’m a ghost. One min I’m here, one min I’m gone.”

“It’s clear he was thinking as soon as I get back out on bond, I’m going to run again and they’re never going to find me. He was referring to himself as the ghost,” said Granade.

A not guilty plea was entered for King, he will be back in court on June 15 for a preliminary hearing. King is also now facing a federal gun charge.