News 5 Investigates: Wilmer woman shot during a warrant round-up case could be headed to a grand jury

Mobile County

WILMER, Ala. (WKRG) — News 5 Investigates, a woman is still fighting for her life tonight and there are still a lot of questions about why law enforcement shot her.

The case appears to be headed to a grand jury, a 19-year-old Wilmer woman was shot two weeks ago during a warrant round-up by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies.

News 5 is still digging into what happened that day and where the investigation stands.

Although they cannot reveal, just yet, exactly what happened and won’t say on the record who fired those shots on that Thursday morning. They tell News 5’s Amber Grigley they are working really hard to complete their investigation and turn the case over to the district attorney.

An early morning narcotics round-up on December 19th, down Old Moffett Road is now at the center of an investigation. Anna Marie Rylee was rushed to the hospital after being shot multiple times by law enforcement.

That Thursday morning, Rylee’s fiance’, Christopher Mcleod was taking out the trash on his way to work when several law enforcement officers showed up. He said they noticed his pistol permit and asked where his guns were.

He said he told them his guns were inside the house where his fiance, Rylee was sleeping at the time,

And that’s when they went inside and he heard gunshots.

After digging, News 5 discovered officials were there searching for Christopher Mcleod’s uncle, 41-year-old Nicholas Mcleod who was already in jail, arrested in fact more than 12 hours before the round-up even started.

He has a very long criminal record, the young woman who was shot however, we could find no record of arrests.

Now two weeks later, we are still searching for answers as to what happened.

Grigley first reached out to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lori Myles said this is now a federal investigation and they cannot get in the way.

Grigley then contacted ALEA and spoke with Jamie Maloi he said this is still an ongoing investigation. Once completed, they will turn it over to district attorney Ashley Rich’s office, where it will go before a grand jury.

Grigley back to the home in hopes to speak to family, but no one answered.

However, the family did confirm that Rylee was still in the hospital with breathing tubes still fighting for her life.

A long road to recovery for Rylee ahead. The district attorney’s spokeswoman told Grigley once the investigation is completed they will be able to speak more on this case.


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