We’ve recently learned the shooting that killed 15-year-old Anesa Baker at the Grand Hall was gang-related. As we learned who the players at the Grand Hall were, we’ve uncovered several shootings in the last year have involved gang members.

News 5 has connected six shootings to gang activity. Five of them have been in the past year. 

Prosecutors say gang brothers Isaiah Kelly and Jamarkus Holified were both indicted for the shooting at the community center.  Kelly was charged in the 2015 shooting of a woman on Monterey Street and is also charged in the shooting at the Trinity Gardens parade.

Holifield is charged in the Grand Hall shooting where he was said to have been targeting a rival gang member, Jaymarcus Jefferson.  

Jefferson was later killed in a drive-by shooting on Driftwood Drive. Several hours later police say another man was killed on Lafayette Street in retaliation.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste says they have an intelligence unit working to identify these gang members.

“We will go after them and we will make sure that when we find them committing crimes in our community, we will certainly do everything within our means to get them locked up and to hold them accountable for their actions,” said Battiste.

At the Trinity Gardens parade shooting, three innocent bystanders were injured. At the Grand Hall, five teens were shot, including Anesa Baker.

Chief Battiste said his department is committed to doing what they can to stop the violence, he is calling on parents to monitor their children.

“If they believe that their child or their loved ones are associating with a particular group identifying as a gang then as parents they need to speak up,” said Chief Battiste.