MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — National Geographic is releasing a new documentary special focusing on the last known slave ship, the Clotilda.

The new documentary “Clotida: Last American Slave Ship” will shed light on the last American Slave Ship, which brought African slaves to the grounds of Mobile Bay in 1860. 

The documentary will be presented on Hulu, bringing the ship’s history and the story of Africatown into national light once again. The Clotida was also covered in a 60 minute special in 2020 and in “Surviving Clotilda,” a 25-minute documentary that was featured at SCAD film festival in 2021.

The Clotida Slave Ship was discovered in 2018, after men from Mobile tried to burn the ship and destroy evidence that African slaves had been smuggled into the Mobile Bay, which in 1860, had been illegal for the past five centuries

Descendants of the slaves from the Clotilda ship now reside in Africa town, a historic community in Mobile that works to preserve and highlight the community’s history and it’s ties to the Clotilda.

The documentary will air Monday, Feb. 7 at 9 p.m. central time on National Geographic and will be available for streaming Feb. 8 on Hulu. The documentary is part of National Geographic’s projects to commemorate Black History month, along with a podcast called “Into the depths” and March magazine.