Mobile, Ala. (WKRG)-A historic day in the City of Mobile as City Council and the Mayor were sworn into their seats for the next four years.

A large turnover for city council, with four new members in District 1,2,4, and 6.
Two of those new council members Cory Penn for district 1 and William Carroll, district 2 spoke on their goals for their respective districts and their aim for representation of black Mobilians. “We’re going to work on faith, family, finance, fitness, and fun,” Penn said. “Going forward I am hoping for true transparency and outward research as we reapportion and redistrict.” Carroll said.

The other new faces, Ben Reynolds and Scott Jones said they’ll focus on growth and unifying the city. Reynolds saying “I have committed to approach this task with the wisdom, virtue, and zeal required for such a commitment.” “We have many challenges ahead and my promise to you is that we will work through to solve them,” said Jones.

As for the returning members, Joel Daves says he will continue using the same mindset of working for the entire city, not just District 5. CJ Small saying he will continue his focus on community outreach and affordable housing. And Gina Gregory added to her 16 years in the District 7 seat focusing on Commercial growth and bringing tourists to West Mobile. “You’ve heard a lot about uniting today, but that’s what it takes uniting as a team with a goal in mind for it to come to fruition,” Gregory said.

The council also elected CJ Small as President of the council and Gina Gregory as Vice President.