MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Next month, a new gun database is expected to go live in Alabama, listing those who are not allowed to have a gun. It’s a new tool for law enforcement.

“I have to believe it’s going to be a good resource for us because any time you can gain information about somebody possessing a weapon that should not be possessing a weapon, is a good thing,” said Lawrence Battiste, Public Safety Director.

The database would show people who have been convicted of a crime and are not allowed to carry a firearm.

“I think it’s a good start, I think it has potential to become something that is a great tool, but we just have to be careful as far as any sort of bias,” said Dee Carter, a community activist.

Police said many of the people they arrest for illegally possessing a firearm, do not get it through the proper channels. The database is what lawmakers said would help when the permitless carry goes into effect in January, with lawmakers believing it will be a better system to catch those who should not have handguns.

“What we get back out is only going to be as good as the information we put in. Every municipality every municipal county, state, federal law enforcement agency in the state of Alabama is going to have to do their due diligence in making sure they get the information in there,” said Battiste.

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