MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — It was a rough start to the morning around South Mobile county but a lot of people were grateful the storm system wasn’t any worse. The damage assessment started well before dawn.

Members of the Bayou La Batre Police Department and Mobile County Public School System were having a look at the impact around Alma Bryant High School. By dawn, the damage was easier to see. A large fence collapsed around a baseball field, winds jostled a couple of agricultural science rooms. Winds knocked Signs and scoreboards. Homeowners could hear the storm as it rolled through.

“The storm alert came on my phone about one last night and I had to wake my kid up and get into the hallway very quick, we were watching your broadcast and it did a good job keeping us informed and luckily we didn’t come out with much damage, but it was scary for a good 20 minutes,” said homeowner Daniel Kenmar. He also heard the storm as it passed. At Alma Bryant, the storm spared the main building and classes started on time. It was a lucky break as the storm rolled through with fury.

“I was scared, I have goats and stuff in my yard and I was like “oh my gosh” it was scary,” said Carlie Beritiech from Irvington. “It was pretty rough, it was rough, a lot of wind I heard it come on my phone it kept coming on my phone and my sister-in-law called and it came from the bayou way and we could hear it, you could hear it.” In the morning you could see it also in Bayou La Batre. Residual flooding left some water on the roadway. As it drained back into the bay gravel, rocks, plants, and other debris were left behind along Shell Belt Road. By 9 Mobile Council public works crews gradually gathered and swept the junk away.