MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson announced Monday 28,691 people have been served through Mobile’s COVID response food pantries in the last 11 months, according to a Facebook post from Stimpson.

Three food pantries were set up in 2022 including the Toulminville Crichton, Africatown and Revelation Maysville Food Pantries.

“These food pantries have leveraged federal funding to expand access to quality food and nutrition through partnerships with local community organizations and Feeding the Gulf Coast,” said Stimpson.

The Toulminville Crichton food pantry served the most people at 20,586 while Africatown served 4,305 and Revelation Maysville served 3,530.

“We greatly appreciate all of the volunteers from these community organizations that are helping us operate these pantries,” said Stimpson. “They know their respective communities better than anyone, and we are happy to continue supporting their work.”