Nashville restaurant owner claims woman with bachelorette party from Mobile assaulted a manager

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A restaurant owner in Nashville claims a woman with a group on a bachelorette trip from Mobile assaulted their manager.

A post has been shared on Facebook nearly two thousand times asking for information on a group of Mobile women who were on a bachelorette trip in Nashville. The post claims the girls refused to follow COVID-19 guidelines and “threw a fit” in their restaurant.

The incident happened last Saturday night. A Mobile bride made a reservation at Mockingbird restaurant in Nashville for a party of 10. When they arrived, they were allegedly staying at two tables directly next to each other, this to follow the city’s phase two of restrictions where no more than six people can sit at a table at a time. Mickey Corona, co-owner of Mockingbird recalled the night to us. “They asked the server to please join the tables, the server said unfortunately were are not able to do that and then when the server left they start trying to pull the tables together themselves,” Corona said.

Corona says after multiple attempts to pull the tables together and being told it wasn’t allowed the group decided to leave, but things escalated on the way out. Corona claims one of the women, while not wearing a mask coughed on his assistant manager three times. “As they were passing through coughed on my assistant manager three times in a direct form of assault, it was intentional, it was malice and it was not done accidentally,” Corona says.

He says right after that, two women within the party came back to apologized, but that wasn’t enough. Corona called the police, but nothing could be done because the group had left and he did not have their names. That’s why he took to Facebook.

We reached out to some of the women who were called out in the post. None were ready to talk on camera, but claim the post to be untrue. One woman told us “that is not the full story of what happened and we are now all receiving backlash and harassment because of things that have been said that aren’t true.” One of the other women said they are seeking a lawyer in the matter.

Corona says himself and his restaurant is not taking the matter lightly. The assistant manager that was allegedly coughed on is now quarantining to make sure she is safe to return to work. He says he plans on pressing charges once they have the information they need. “It takes a lot of effort to try and stay afloat during this time and to have guests come in and blatantly assault one of our employees is an affront to everyone in this industry.”

The link to the Facebook post can be found below:[0]=68.ARD-EcjYZ85QGNtcy9eUHpQL5Oa1mzqQt7wXOCXRCFVF7ysS0Tgt9_qUY8bR6iYblGwI0-JhI-XsqieNGhIU0yoVGhI92M2ug_sVsJKq9XnWl5QSPLrSgfBpsvm–qaQNH0eWxPcfgyv-EP4u_vmMY6ohoqW2XAoiKfVOVQYKDl6wsYqELu-m5NS7McXUqvQGvH2mFsQ3uGGNYmIvdhz-rkdX9tlxkXH2AM1FLr7lu1UEeX35a0tBj3H72ZqOlvysmHAcfTh3IaqAsGpTt9AFPyaMgleFijrphafCeRduIfq7PKqwKOSH5MI&__tn__=CH-R


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