MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — On Tuesday, two officers and a detective took the stand in the trial of the former Mobile neurosurgeon charged for the death of USA Medical student Samantha Thomas.

One of the investigators on the stand joins a growing list of witnesses who say Jonathan Nakhla should not have been behind the wheel that night.

Mobile Police Officer, ames Welch, was the first person to testify Tuesday morning. He responded to the crash on Aug. 1, 2020 and went to the hospital to monitor Nakhla afterwards. 

His body cam footage from that early morning was played throughout most of his time on the stand.  

In the video, you can hear Nakhla say multiple times that he is fine and that he remembers everything.  

During the video, Nakhla asks Officer Welch if he was in trouble and Welch responded he didn’t know and was just following protocol.  

Corporal Jerry Lewis with MPD took the stand next. He was the one who required a search warrant for Nakhla’s blood to be drawn. 

He says that Marsha Bolton, the emergency room nurse in charge when Nakhla was brought in, refused to take Nakhla’s blood even after the search warrant was issued, but ultimately Nakhla’s blood was drawn twice.  

Corporal Lewis also testified that Nakhla’s speech was slow, and his eyes were glassy. He says he didn’t smell alcohol on Nakhla but his opinion was that he was impaired.  

Detective David McCullough was the third witness to take the stand. He testified to the event data reporter also known as the Black Box that was in Nakhla’s Audi during the crash.  

He testified that at nine seconds before the crash, data showed Nakhla was going 138 miles per hour with no breaking and no acceleration.