DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WKRG) — A flurry of activity on social media today after a man posted “he found bones in the water” near his home on Dauphin Island. 

There’s a lot of speculation of what those bones could be. One post on Facebook claims the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the bones were nonhuman bones,  but after speaking with Capt. Paul Burch, he says neither he nor the Dauphin Island police chief knows anything about this discovery. So for now, the mystery remains.

Dauphin Island was once known as “Massacre Island.” According to DauphinIsland.org, when the French landed on Dauphin Island in 1699, they found so many skeletons scattered on the beach that they thought a massacre had taken place there. The French named the island “Massacre Island” and established a settlement on the island.