UPDATE (10:29 AM) — Last night, Corey Washington and Jared Wilson turned themselves in.

Unedited press release from MPD

MOBILE, Ala. – The Mobile Police Department have identified six suspects connected to an auto theft scheme and once located they will face a theft by deception charge. The suspects target small used cars dealerships. They arrive on the car lot with a down payment and purchase a vehicle, usually a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes or BMW is preferred but a Camaro and Altima are other types of vehicles chosen.

Once they have possession of the vehicle, they sell it on Facebook Marketplace. This is when it becomes a crime. 

The suspects are able to make the deals on Facebook Marketplace without having the car title by telling the buyers that the title will arrive in the mail. But it never does.

Investigators believe over 28 vehicles have possibly been purchased and sold locally through this auto theft scheme, which means several dealerships may have been hit.

Here are the names of the suspects found connected to the auto theft scheme. All have active felony warrants.  

Anyone with information on where these suspects are located should call Mobile Police at 251-208-7211.

Unedited press release from the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office

The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office and the Mobile Police Department have received
numerous complaints in regard to the fraudulent sale of vehicles on Facebook Marketplace and
other online shops.

The scheme begins with an individual going to small car lots who appear to be self-financing
vehicles. The applicant will pay a small amount for the down payment and will list the vehicle for
sell on Facebook Marketplace. The loan application is completed with false information. That
individual then sells the vehicle to a legitimate buyer on Facebook Marketplace.

After the sale of the vehicle to a legitimate buyer, the initial buyer does not pay off the loan. The
new buyer cannot title the vehicle as he or she does not have good title. At first, the businesses
were repossessing the vehicles from the legitimate buyers due to having GPS trackers on the
vehicles. Now, the scheme has evolved to where the defendants are removing the GPS device.

Please be aware that consumers interested in purchasing vehicles online need to ensure that they are purchasing from a reputable source. Verification of the legitimacy of the seller and their actual possession of the vehicle is key. It is also crucial that the consumer receives a legitimate title upon purchase of the vehicle.

If you believe that you have been a victim of this scam there are resources available to you. Please
contact one of the following:

Mobile Police Department
Auto Theft Unit
Mobile County District Attorney’s Office
White Collar Unit
FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center