MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s been two months since a new gunshot detection system went live in the city of Mobile. We’re getting a look at how the program is working and what police are learning from the incidents.

For the number of shots fired during that time period, there were very few calls to 911, so police said they need to work on changing the perception from the community.

In just two months Shot Spotter recorded 179 incidents of gunfire, totaling a little less than 600 rounds. But during the same time period, there were only three phone calls to police about gunshots.

“We are working tirelessly to figure out how do we change the perception of what people believe will happen when there’s an incident of shooting occurs in their neighborhood,” said Lawrence Battiste, Public Safety Director for the City of Mobile. “We’ve got to do a better job of that.”

But, the number of calls isn’t surprising to some.

“It seems like it’s the normal now,” said Ramona Carter. “So if you hear shots, and sometimes people are thinking oh it’s celebratory and other things are going on, and some people it’s just their way of life, I’m used to hearing it so I’m not making phone calls because I’m used to hearing that in my neighborhood.”

Carter is an advocate against gun violence, she said she is optimistic about the gunshot detection software and what it can do to help with the safety in the community.

“I know a lot of people are looking at it as far as law enforcement making arrests, my thoughts on the new technologies are that we’ll be able to get to some victims quicker,” said Carter. Maybe that will lessen our homicide rate.”

“We are a safer community when all of us take part in making our communities safer,” said Battiste. “Part of Operation Echo Stop – it takes all of us.”

Carter believes what police have done to reduce the crime in the city, is working.

“You think about the first part of the year, we were having homicides back to back and now we’ve kind of slowed down a little bit,” said Carter.

Mobile police urge you to call 911 if you hear gunshots or witness any violence in the community.

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