MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Public Safety Director spoke with WKRG News 5 about the former officer charged with sexual extortion, giving us more details about the investigation.

We got a tip about the arrest of 27-year old Jamorris Cage, a former Mobile Police Officer over the weekend. When we checked, the jail log only showed he was charged with two felonies. We pressed Mobile Police and got an answer that the charges were sexual extortion. Because of the nature of the crime, Public Safety Director Lawrence Battiste was reluctant to give us any details about the crime just to be sensitive to the victims. “When charges are sexual in nature we are reluctant to talk about the context and nature of the charge, the biggest thing I would like to get through is that the victims didn’t report this. It came out during casual conversation the victims were having with another officer who stepped up some weeks after it occurred.”

“One bad officer tarnishes the shield for thousands of officers,” said Battiste when we spoke to him. “I’m definitely disappointed in the officer and empathetic of our victims to have gone through such an ordeal with an officer, somebody that the public has placed it’s trust in.”

He did give us details into the investigation, saying an officer not involved says the victims confided in him about the incident. He told a superior officer, then an administrative and criminal investigation. The findings led to Cage’s termination from the force before his criminal charges. He says he hopes this shows accountability within MPD and how this type of action will not be tolerated. “We apologize to the community for the mistrust that that former officer took, but we also would ask that the community be mindful that we acted and we acted promptly and that we held the former officer accountable.”